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Iridium Certus®️ 700 Upgrade

Iridium Certus®️ 700 Upgrade Brings the Fastest L-band Speeds to the Industry.

Existing Iridium CertusTM terminals are being upgraded to industry-leading speeds through a simple firmware update
MCLEAN, VA., February 27, 2020 – Iridium Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: IRDM) announced today that the Iridium Certus 700 service is commercially available and is providing the fastest L-band speeds in the industry.

When first launched in early 2019, Iridium Certus provided L-band upload and download speeds of up to 352 kbps.  With the upgrade to Iridium Certus 700, provided at no additional cost to Iridium Certus 350 subscribers, top download speeds have now doubled to up to 704 kbps.  That is more than 270 kbps faster than the top download speed of the closest competitive L-band solution, for the same price per kilobit as Iridium Certus 350.

Unique in the satellite industry, Iridium Certus is the only broadband service that provides truly global, weather-resilient coverage for on-the-move internet and high-quality voice access.
Delivered through small form factor, cost-effective antennas and terminals currently available from Cobham and Thales, Iridium Certus has seen growing adoption by the maritime and land-mobile/connected vehicle markets.

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Thuraya MarineStar

Thuraya MarineStar

The most affordable maritime satellite voice solutions with tracking and monitoring capabilities. The all-new Thuraya MarineStar blends robust design with unprecedented functionality and unmatched levels of value to provide flawless voice communications with tracking and monitoring over Thuraya’s satellite network, covering the world’s busiest sea routes and fishing hotspots. Thuraya MarineStar is competitively priced. Users have the flexibility to select from a wide range of plans and bundles tailored for the application of their choice, which could be stand-alone voice, stand-alone tracking and monitoring – with or without an application, or a combination of both. There are no long-term contracts, no hidden fees and no early termination fees.

• Quick and easy to install
• Circuit-switched voice
• Fish catch reporting capability
• Advanced 2-way vessel tracking with application and monitoring
• OTA (over-the-air) programming capability
• Versatile interface functions
• Geofencing capability
• Radio silence capability
• SOS alert
• Push notifications for weather, news and other alerts
• Languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Arabic, Bahasa, Tagalog, Turkish
• Tracking application as a service

Delivering the reassurance of constant connectivity and communications, Thuraya MarineStar caters to the operational requirements of smaller and regional operator fishing vessels.* Built to IEC 60945 standards, this flexible affordable solution synergizes on-board productivity and efficiency, helping users comply with the ever-evolving international regulations.
• Catch reporting, tracking and monitoring capabilities help meet regulatory requirements
• Constant voice connectivity ensures safety and welfare of fishermen
• Crew are always within easy reach – even on high seas
• Geofencing guarantees safety and security of vessels
• SOS and crew calling
Unaffected by extreme maritime environments, Thuraya MarineStar satisfies the operational requirements of larger vessels too. It provides access to competitively priced calls, supporting crucial maritime applications such as navigation and emergency alerts through push notifications.
Thuraya MarineStar also appeals to regional merchant fleets needing a backup alternative to Radio communications and GSM for voice.

Thuraya MarineStar enables users to perform condition based, on-board monitoring for maintenance activities according to equipment’s status. This results in better planning and upkeep that is much more efficient. Moreover, The MarineStar has multiple inbuilt interfaces to integrate third-party hardware, which greatly enhance its capabilities and, thereby appeal.
• Physical interfaces – RS-232 and GPIO – accommodate third-party integrators
• Delivers cost-efficient maintenance by reducing out-of-service time
• Conducive to remote diagnostics: sensor information is transmitted for equipment monitoring

With more than 395 roaming agreements in 161 countries, Thuraya is the only L-band operator to open up business opportunities for MNOs. The MarineStar is backed by local numbering plan and GSM roaming over the Thuraya satellite network. As a result, users continue to stay connected on GSM numbers even outside terrestrial coverage.
• Use local MNO SIM cards on local numbering plan
• Enables inexpensive communication over satellite
• Provides customized packages as per national requirements

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Iridium launches (GMDSS)

Iridium Communications announces a historic achievement with the launch of the Iridium® Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) service. 

For the first time in history, Iridium has given seafarers a real-time emergency response and rescue service that works everywhere in the world. No other maritime emergency response system matches the coverage and real-time communications capability of the Iridium GMDSS service. The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) now covers 100% of the global with real-time satellite connectivity for the first time.

GMDSS is an internationally regulated service, governed by the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention. Iridium’s service functions much like an international SOS button, however, unlike other options it includes as standard real-time emergency voice calling service, distress alert (SOS button) and maritime safety information with Iridium’s unmatched truly global coverage.  

Iridium’s GMDSS service is built on the company’s upgraded $3 billion satellite network, completed in 2019, and utilizes the company’s valuable L-band satellite spectrum. This spectrum serves as a weather-resilient complement to other satellite broadband capabilities on ships, aircraft and vehicles and is also a requirement for GMDSS terminals on SOLAS-class vessels. With over 1.4 million subscribers around the world, including communications systems on tens of thousands of ships and aircraft today, Iridium’s GMDSS service launch epitomizes the company’s commitment and tradition of creating a safer environment for the approximately 85% of the world that lacks any or reliable cell phone coverage.

The press event included remarks from Iridium CEO Matt Desch; International Maritime Organization Director of Maritime Safety Heike Deggim; International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) Director General Captain Moin Ahmed; MAERSK Master Mariner and Senior Marine Specialist Captain Brian Soberg Petersen and Rescue Coordination Center of New Zealand (RCCNZ) Watch Leader and Senior Search and Rescue Officer David Wilson. 
”This is a historic moment in both the satellite and maritime industries,” said Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium.  “It is not every day that you get to announce the launch of a service that will most certainly save lives and is bringing innovation to this important maritime service.” 

IMO Director of Maritime Safety Heike Deggim shared, “On behalf of the International Maritime Organization, I extend my sincere congratulations to Iridium for announcing the formal launch of its GMDSS services.”

Here’s how it works: Once a vessel holds down the red ‘distress’ button, indicating that it needs assistance, a signal is immediately routed through the Iridium satellite network and delivered in moments to a designated Rescue Coordination Center (RCC).  Unique to the Iridium system, this is then followed automatically by a distress phone call, allowing the vessel to immediately speak with the RCC. The RCC then can quickly understand the nature of the emergency, while also alerting nearby vessels and local search and rescue authorities to provide the required immediate assistance.

Iridium started the process to become a GMDSS service provider in 2013 and had to meet several objectives before formally ending what was a decades-long monopoly held by another satellite company.  After being recognized by the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee to provide GMDSS service, Iridium has worked closely with its regulator, IMSO, to meet all conditions required for service introduction.

For more information about Iridium products chat with the Global Satellite team today.